Latest album released late 2012:
'No Ordinary Hound'


thirteen tracks on canines, trains, cars and women combining as a self-help guide and a test of your bass speakers.

Track Listing
1. No Ordinary Hound 3:47
2. Love the Girl 5:10
3. Green Coyote 5:09
4. This Can't Be Right 5:58[Notes - read 'em >>]
5. Come Home Now 4:58
6. Illinois Volare 4:54
7. Have to Laugh 3:39
8. Maybe You Right 4:59
9. Train That You Ride 3:09
10. Rumble Bug 6:27
11. Grind You Down 4:24
12. If You Seek 4:26
13. Return of the Baskerville 2:56

Recorded and mixed by: Marten Ingle at the Fish Ranch Studio, Orsay, France

Mastered by Steve Forward at Le Frigo, Paris, France

Produced by: Marten Ingle and Bill Rutherford

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Green Coyote

Illinois Volare

It sure has hair on. Marten Ingle.