the band

Bill Rutherford

Born: Morpeth UK.

Bands: Free Beer, Baskervilles Blues Band, Baskerville Willy 2012-present

Recordings: Albums Baskervilles Blues Band: Elementary; Baskerville Willy: No Ordinary Hound.

Location and historic: Now back in London after stints in US, Japan and Paris. In Paris he formed the Baskervilles Blues Band. The BBBs have played also played in the UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Canada and won the best Chicago Blues Band in the Paris region in 1997 and hosted many star players over the years, including Sal Bernadi (Riki-Lee Jones, Willy de Ville), Jean Roussel (Cat Stevens, Little Feet, Robert Palmer, Bob Marley, Police, Elkie Brooks, etc), Marty Vickers (Downchild, Chuck Berry, Percy Sledge), Jerome Gautier (In Volt). Baskerville Willy's first gig opened to a sold out Otis Taylor gig Feb 11 New Morning Paris.

Danny Montgomery

Born: San Fransisco.

Bands: countless

Played with: Alex Chilton, Johnette Napolitano, Mose Allison, Taj Mahal, Tom Johnston (Doobie Bros); Jerry Harrison, Percy Sledge, Billy Paul, Jim Campalongo, Elliot Murphy, The Stormy Mondays

Recorded with: Elliot Murphy, Ray Charles, Marten Ingle, Christine Lakeland, Taj Mahal

Compositions: Working on a series of symphonic works

Based in: San Francisco, Paris, Spain and Italy

Marten Ingle

Born: San Francisco USA.

Bands: Fresh Garbage, Trigger, Charles Duncan and the Willys, The Innocents, The Coyote Band, Marten Ingle Band

Played with: Percy Sledge, Billy Paul, Mike Swerin (in the Miles Davis group for Birth of the Cool) Tony Allen, Ray Lema, James Armstrong, Fred Marshall, Gabrielle Lazur, Louis Bertignac, Elliot Murphy, Jeff Jolly Band, Gabriella Arnon, Jim Murple Memorial, Nina Van Horn, Paddy Sherlock.

Solo album: Faraway Radioland

Other recordings: Zebra Crossing w/Tony Allen, Afrobeat Express w/Tony Allen, Getting Xperimental Over You- ZIP

Other stuff: Fish Ranch Records- Atilla International Sandwich LP, Christian Lunch EP

Historic: Studied music at the California Institute for the Arts: imperfect pitch. Hung out with Don van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) in California way back. He was a Universal Jazz recording artist for some years in the UK. He played grids with Fred Marshall, string bass with Joan Gemmell, bass with Percy Sledge on Jules Holland TV show "Later". Played with Coyote Band at Cafe LA, with the ZIP trio (Mike Zwerin, M. Ingle and Paul Breslin) at the Istanbul Jazz Festival. Shared the stage with Louis Bertignac and Telephone at the Bataclan and Robbie Krieger and the Willys at the Whisky A Go Go. Based in California, London and now Paris. He composes music for Dance with CIE Basilio

Jeremie Tepper

Born: Paris France.

Location and historic: Paris France. Studied Jazz at the CIM and ARPEJ in France.

Bands: many.

Played with: Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Patrick Verbeke, Vincent Bucher, Captain Mercier and many others

and guests

Melissa Cox